Tripod Beta Practitioner Training

This four-day training – accredited by the Stichting Tripod Foundation – is the standard Tripod Beta practitioner training. Participants will be able to conduct an investigation as team leader or team members, dependent on their other skills. The training can be shortened or extended dependent on client’s requirements.

Day 1: Accident Theory

  • Why investigate accidents?
  • Investigation as part of a Safety Management System
  • Accident Causation
  • Human Behaviour Model
  • Error types: Slips, Lapses, Mistakes and Violations
  • Investigation Management: Scope, Terms or Reference, Team
  • (Exercises throughout)

Day 2: Fact Finding and Tripod Beta Analysis

  • Fact Finding: 4 P’s: Persons, Positions, Parts and Papers
  • Interviewing and interview exercise
  • Establishing the Timeline/Sequence Time Events Plot (STEP)
  • Tripod Beta Core Diagram: Event-Object-Agent
  • Barriers: Failed, Missing, Inadequate and Effective Barriers
  • (Exercises throughout)

Day 3: Tripod Beta Analysis (continued) and Case Work

  • Causal Path: Immediate Cause, Precondition, Underlying Cause
  • Link with Human Behaviour Model
  • Basic Risk Factors
  • Software introduction
  • Case Work

Day 4: Recommendations and Reporting; Other Subjects

  • Case Work (continued)
  • Developing Recommendations
  • Reporting
  • Accreditation
  • Examination